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In my last blog I was preparing to re-open following the lockdown in March 2020.

I did manage to re-open and it was an interesting exercise closely followed by my decision to close my doors once more!

I thought this time around I would make this blog about my personal journey through 2020 and into 2021.

Truth is I don’t watch a lot of news so the run up to March 2020 had no impact on me! I was away in Whitby at the time everything came to a head and it filtered into my feed on social media.

Even then I took it in my stride and decided to add a few extra IPC measures on a scale with barrier nursing, so really not a big deal.

I returned from Whitby and back to work as normal….IPC enhancements all in place. I had received several emails by now from various professional associations, each one contradicting the other and everyone in a bit of a frenzy. Then eventually the final email came from my regulator:

’If you have not already, regardless of what your professional association is saying, you must now close.’

I literally had a client with needles in, who’d asked me on the way in if he could still come next week. I felt life drain from me in that moment and as I reflect back on it and the emotions that followed, I recognise I entered grief.

I had been told some 30 years prior that a time would come when I would step into service and when that time came, I would know what to do. As we dropped into this shock wave I heard a resounding ‘NOW’ and I knew exactly what was needed of me. My instinct was to send love as far and as wide as I could. I set up a distant Reiki love group and continue to send this love out daily. I received download after download of truth and I have been deciphering this and further downloads since.

The following period was a mixed bag as the weather was beautiful and it was nice to be enjoying it.

The turbulence came as we started to talk of re-opening. The manner in which this was carried out was appalling! Nothing made sense and the uprising of ego within humanity was a disgrace!

Anyway, I jumped on the train, I listened and followed EVERY piece of ‘guidance’ creating days and days of work as I ploughed through page after page. I joined forums and listened to further ‘guidance’ from there. Everyone confused and everyone becoming an ‘expert’. Some PA’s took on an almost dictatory roll enforcing additional rules that MUST be followed. Everyone in fear and nobody able to think in a rational or clear way.

I did open my doors and everything was in place.

When we enter grief, our world is shaken and nothing makes sense. My personal experience was that I wanted my world back. My world had been taken away in the blink of an eye and I was lost. So, to find ourselves we strive to get back to that point of safety, to the familiar.

So now back in my familiar I was able to breathe and as I drew breath another awakening hit me.

This time I was in charge!

I could see what was coming as fear was the poison and control the agenda. Please don’t misunderstand me, I am not saying nothing is real and people have not suffered! However, the true suffering has not been recognised by many!

Truth rose from within me. I could see the rollercoaster we were about to embark on and I wasn’t getting on that ride!
I discussed all with my clients who were all so lovely and understanding and I closed my doors.

That was 7 months ago! And as I closed my physical doors I opened my doors to BE my truth and serve my soul purpose.

I have spent much time meditating and receiving inner guidance, which I have shared with others via a new group and free weekly zoom sessions.

I have always regarded my self as ‘awake’ as I moved through childhood being a ‘weirdo’ who had numerous ‘strange’ experiences.

My second awakening was at age 19 when I was thrust into experiencing deep love and inner freedom. I am truly grateful to friends who accompanied me on that journey and to this day are my sisters and brothers.

As this journey progressed from light, I sank into darkness and then rose like the phoenix from the ashes on my third awakening which took me along the spiritual path.

This path for me was explosive as I awoke and ignited so many gifts. I wanted to give my gifts to the world! Sadly, though the world wasn’t fully ready and some turned on me. I hid my gifts revealing to just a few and I cloaked myself under the hat of a complementary therapist.

I have been fortunate enough to work with some beautiful souls on the last lap of their journey on this earth plane and feel truly privileged to have been able to fulfill aspects of my soul purpose in that time.

Eventually the time came to move from this place and I embarked on another new journey. This journey has served me well and I am so grateful to all my clients!

It took the earthquake of March 2020 for me to realise how well I had managed to hide those gifts away and now they have been unleashed and I present before you ME.

I’ve been tweaking my website so it is presented to reflect the direction I am focusing on and I am sure many more ‘tweaks’ will follow.

A lot of what I do can be accessed online and it serves us well at this time to use applications like Zoom as in your own space you are free!

If you have ‘awoken’, are on a soul journey, seeking your truth and looking for the type of support I can give then please speak to me. There is always a way!
As a collective we have just entered a new period. We are rising from within with enormous intensity.

These are exiting times and I would love for you to join me!
Exit fear.

Enter truth.

I love you xxx
<![CDATA[Preparing to re-open during CV-19]]>Sun, 05 Jul 2020 13:30:23 GMThttps://elementalhealth.net/blog/preparing-to-re-open-during-cv-19Well its been a long haul and at this stage we still do not have a re-opening date for complementary health care practices.

I would like to think that as professionals we already operate to exceptional standards of hygiene and cleanliness, however, complacency is not something we should consider when re-opening in the current situation.

Communication and guidance from my professional associations and regulator has been ongoing and changing week by week. Along with guidance various training modules have been recommended and although some may seem repetitive I do not feel we can leave any stone un-turned,  so I have completed them all and utilised the information gained to make my practice as safe as it can possibly be!

Some outcomes have been published on the website for all to see and more indepth versions are available for clients and anyone else who needs to see them.

Below are some of the COVID specific modules completed:
<![CDATA[Clinical practise in China]]>Wed, 20 Feb 2019 09:05:00 GMThttps://elementalhealth.net/blog/clinical-practise-in-chinaI have to say this was a wonderful and eye opening experience! 

Each day was spent in clinic seeing patients with a variety of conditions from stroke to depression.

Interestingly each Doctor although trained in Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine also drew on their family tradition of practice and so developed their own unique approach. This is something I draw on within my own practise through experience and observation of results.

Very little time was spent sight seeing unfortunately but we were able to visit some of the main attractions such as the great wall, the forbidden city, lots of local temples and markets....I think my colleagues will vouch for me developing a China shopping bug! 

By the end of the visit we had all learnt how to cross the road....a unique China experience and I still call this method China crossing which my Niece finds hilarious! 

Hope you enjoy the images....I was a very young looking brunette back then!